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P/A ENGINEERING is an engineering consultancy specialising in the aerospace industry. We have an extensive background in structural analysis of large aeroplanes, working with OEMs, their suppliers and STC holders. Based in Bristol, we can provide on-site support or design and analysis at our office leading to certification with EASA and/or FAA.

APB B767-300 winglet1st A380 centre wingboxAirbus A320Concorde over Bristol

Our services include :

Stress Analysis

  • Detailed stress analysis of lightweight aircraft structures using classical methods (Bruhn, Niu etc).
  • Determination of load paths with free body diagrams and analysis of failure modes.
  • Automation of analysis using Mathcad, Excel and VBA and FORTRAN coding.
  • Customised electronic Mathcad handbooks and templates.
  • Web based calculation tools using and VB (see toolbox for examples)
  • Check stress and certification reports for OEM or STC holders.
  • Structural optimisation and weight saving.
  • Generation and validation of internal loads FEM using industry standard MSC Patran / Nastran.
    Click here for MSC press release.
  • Detailed FEM for static strength, either linear or non-linear, buckling and vibration modes.
  • Automatic FEM generation integrating Patran Command Language (PCL) and VB.
  • Compliance with EASA CS-25 & 14 CFR part 25 regulations.
  • Experience of passenger-to-freighter STC modifications.
  • Experience of winglet STCs on Boeing aircraft.
  • Engineering offload.

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis evaluation of structure.
  • Crack growth analysis using AFGROW or NASGRO.
  • Compliance with EASA CS-25.571 & 14 CFR part 25.571 & 26 subpart E regulations.


  • Design of lightweight aircraft structures.
  • Engineering offload
  • Catia V5

Repair / MRO

  • Design and analysis of repairs and concessions to show compliance.
  • FAA form 8110-3 approval for repairs.
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